Red Led Light Therapy

Welcome to West Bloomfield's most elite tan spa!

When you visit GL​​Ö Tan Spa, you are treated to an experience unlike any other, no matter if you choose our UV tanning; Pura Sunless automated spray tanning services or Red Light Therapy you will appreciate GL​​Ö Tan Spa's commitment to keeping your skin looking beautiful today, tomorrow and beyond.

 We are open 10:30AM-9PM Monday - Saturday & 12PM-6PM Sunday's ensuring that even the most time-pressed individuals have access to rich, glowing skin.

When you combine this with our personalized skin assessments, commitment to cleanliness, respectful of your privacy and stellar customer service, it is easy to understand why we're the most elite tan spa salon in the West Bloomfield area.

​Glo Tan Spa Red Light Therapy